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Kai Wüest

Making Games Since 2048


Hi there! I’m a fresh product manager with 7 years of experience in the games industry.

I’ve worked in design and production before taking on this role, and I leverage my background to better present practical solutions to the many challenges of building a great game. Most of my experience lies in F2P titles for PC and mobile, but I’m always keen to tackle something new!

I’m currently consulting on a freelance basis while performing my compulsory service in Switzerland, and will be open to new opportunities again in 2022.


Legion Hearts

Game Lead

Merge Mayor

Product Management Consultant

Idle Coffee

Product Management Consultant

Starborne: Frontiers

Product Manager

Starborne: Sovereign Space

Producer & Game Designer


Quality Assurance Tester

Echoes of Aetheria

Quality Assurance Tester

The Mean Greens: Plastic Warfare

Quality Assurance Tester

Gaia: Genesis

Student Game Designer


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