Legion Hearts Update

Truthfully, I didn’t really know what to expect when I announced Legion Hearts about a year ago. But against all odds, the prototype turned out to be really promising and I’ll be giving it my best shot at making it a reality.

Tactile Strategy

So, what’s it about? Legion Hearts is a Strategy RPG where you recruit hundreds of fallen heroes from every epoch of history, combine them in custom army decks and deploy your troops in tactical autochess battles.

That’s what it’s supposed to become, at least. At the moment it’s a seriously fun, albeit super buggy prototype powered by really cool character designs. The next step is defining some proper development milestones and figuring out how to raise enough money to actually fund this thing. Wish me luck!

Kreidenwerk & This Blog

In other news, I founded an LLC. I kind of needed one anyways to make remote work from Switzerland feasible, and I thought I might as well use it to write off the expenses from Legion Hearts.

Now, I have no intentions of ceasing my unfiltered ramblings on this blog, but it’s also not representative of what Kreidenwerk will be moving forward. So I’ll probably move my blog section off to a subdomain. Sources say this hurts my SEO, but that’s probably a good thing.


Lastly, a word of thanks. It’s been a very eventful year on my end and I’d like to thank everyone who graciously encouraged me to take these next steps in my career. It feels a lot better to take on risks and do new things knowing other people believe in what I do. You’re the best!

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