Gamescom 2019

I had a blast this year. It’s really fun to be busy – your brain just goes on autopilot after a while and you feel super productive no matter how superficial the meetings are. That said, by the time Thursday rolled around I was quite relieved to fly back – my condolences go out to the people who had to stay the entire week.

Event Highlight

One word: Outsourcing. I’m amazed at the speed at which it is being expanded upon in the games industry. While we’ve seen a similar thing happen with the movie industry, I feel like a lot of people are going to be caught off guard by the coming shift in studio structures around the world.

The development team and liveops for Starborne will remain in-house despite the countless pitches, but one mobile dev studio we met at the event really stood out to us and we might announce some exciting news soon.

Game Highlight

This one goes to “No Time To Relax”, a quirky life simulator created by our friends over at Porcelain Fortress. The game reminds me of a certain flash title I used to play when I was younger, and it’s great fun that can be had with up to 4 people.

NTTR just launched on Steam, so go give them some love!

Food Highlight

Kuchi Mami has great asian fusion inbetween some rather heretical items (such as a fried sushi tower) on the menu. It’s located close to the main station and not that busy – I’d still recommend you make a reservation just in case.

Bonus Award: Cheap fries with cheap Currywurst. This is a staple German fast food you can find everywhere so make sure to give it a try when you visit.

And that’s about it, I think. See you in 2020!

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